The Conversation Continues

I am full of admiration and respect for our friend, Nikki, who worked to arrange a conference call between the authors of Deadly Viper Character Assassins and Asian American Christian leaders. Blessed are the peacemakers, who work to turn rancor, frustration and defensiveness into something constructive.

In this particular summit, someone drank a Hite, someone else a Tsing Tao. Someone chose a local microbrew. Nikki drank Bud Lite.

(I am making this last part up. Especially about Nikki. She wouldn’t be caught dead drinking a Bud Lite.)

Thanks to Lo and Collin for the link to this follow up statement from all parties. It’s on the book’s blog as well. No word yet from Zondervan.

Finally, for those who were wondering about the title of the previous post…and especially for my friend, D, here you go.


One thought on “The Conversation Continues

  1. I was going to stay away from this one, I really was. But my fingers won’t let me. I think what is equally disturbing as the cultural/ethnic issue is the lack of depth in treating spiritual issues. I understand that they are calling for integrity. But much of what they are terming “radical” integrity…. Will, I am thinking they are basic integrity issues. Radical integrity, that’s something over and beyond. That would be issues with the writers, not with Zondervan.

    Zondervan on the other hand, I am very disappointed in. Should Christian book publishers sell anything just to make a buck? Cave to horrific marketing schemes?

    Back to the writers… Mike and Jud. Well, from what I understand they got a nudge from Zondervan to pursue reconciliation form Prof. Rah. Good for Zondervan. I don’t have personal issues with them per se, but I do think the their understanding of the situation is summed up in their response that they “we hijacked their culture for our purposes”. Um. Hmmm.. Maybe I should refrain… or not. Wait. This is my culture? Chopped up English, gibberish Chinese, words like zi qi qi ren and headless sprinting chicken?! A negative stereotype is saying all Asians are good at math. Long Duc Dong characters are derogatory statements. Not a hijacking of Asian culture.

    OK. Now I can get back to work.

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